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Satama-Sanni is a traditional summertime open-air cafe, located in Lappeenranta Harbour. We offer coffee and refreshments in addition to  rice or potatoe pies with various toppings, and the specialities of Lappeenranta called vety and atomi.

In the atomi you find either boiled egg or boiled or smoked ham in a tasty hot meat pie, whereas the vety contains both egg and ham.

CafeSanni_logoLocated almost next to Satama-Sanni is Cafe-Sanni. In Cafe-Sanni you can enjoy panini, tortillas, sandwiches, sweet pastries, fresh salads and baked potatoes as well as refreshments.

Satama-Sanni is open from the end of April till the end of September and Cafe-Sanni serves you from May till the middle of August.